“I’ve been in this career for 20 years and, although it’s been good to me, it’s not fulfilling like it used to be.  I want to do something else, but I’m not sure what it is I want to do.” 

“I’m completely burned out in my current job!  I know what I want to do, but have no idea how to make it happen.”

“I keep finding myself in jobs where I struggle.  I know there must be something out there I can do well and enjoy, but I just don’t know what that is.”

businessman lost in field using a mapCan you relate to one of these scenarios?  If so, you are not alone.  Many people “hit a wall” in their career and don’t know how to get passed it.  At CareerCompass, I can help.  My Career Mapping to the FutureTM  program is specifically designed to help you identify and eliminate barriers so you can enjoy the career freedom and fulfillment you deserve.

We start with exploring and understanding your personality style, purpose, values, priorities, motivators, and more.  Next, I partner with you to help you identify your career goal(s) and create a career map that navigates you to those goals.  Lastly, I provide extended support to help you stay focused and inspired.

Imagine waking up each work day feeling motivated, full of energy, and at your creative best because you get to do work you love.  By working through my program, you can be on your way!

My process includes:

  • Free initial discussion
  • Career Mapping to the FutureTM  program, including exercises and handouts
  • Weekly and monthly sessions
  • Homework assignments to reinforce learning

This St. Louis-based career coach is ready to help  you conquer the world!