Vintage silver microphone isolated on white backgroundI HAVE THE GREATEST CLIENTS IN THE WORLD!  Even though my speaking and career coaching enterprise is based in St. Louis, I have been privileged to speak before and serve people across the country.  Take a look at a few of the testimonials I have been blessed enough to receive:

“If you want anything done right, do it yourself”.  As a single, empowered, and independent woman, that was the mantra I was living by as it relates to my career planning.  I read books on the topic, met with “mentors” and attended seminars.  The problem was that all the information I was collecting was practical in theory as one size fits all, but oftentimes difficult to apply.  Then I met Bernie at what I thought would be just another career planning session.  Well, it wasn’t.  She was authentic, engaging and confident.  It was also highly apparent that she was not only an expert, but truly cared about helping others.  These attributes were instrumental to my signing up for her sessions (one of the best decisions I’ve made).  Bernie forced me to not only be introspective–think about what I’ve been evading and avoiding but also act- create a customized action plan and execute it.

As a result, I’ve gained more confidence to act tactfully bold in executing my plan at work.  My colleagues and leaders in the organization have complimented me on my approach.  Had I tried to do this on my own, it would not been a positive outcome using my old tools.

Now I live by my new mantra, “If you want anything done right, get help from an expert”.  -Gwen B., St. Louis, MO

“Bernie has challenged me to re-think and re-create new ideas on how to better project myself to potential hiring managers. I have great confidence that if I use her techniques that eventually I will succeed in finding the career that will change my life.” -J. Jones, St. Louis, MO

“Bernie is an engaging, entertaining and inspirational speaker!  She was able to customize her presentation for an audience that included both college students and experienced professionals, and everyone came away with concepts that could be applied to his or her career.” -Sandi Straetker, APR, President, PRSA St. Louis

“At our recent graduation ceremony, we were fortunate to have Bernie Frazier be our guest speaker.

Bernie spoke at the ceremony directly to the graduates about following their passion to find success in their profession.  Bernie’s approach and dialogue was motivating, and really empowered our graduates.  Usually, one can’t remember what was discussed by the guest speaker – but I know that Bernie’s message was heard and will reverberate with our graduates and guests.

Thank you so much for taking time to speak at our graduation and impact our students in a positive manner!” -John Eichkorn, Brown Mackie College Campus President

“I had never engaged a career coach prior to working with Bernie, however after years of feeling “stuck in a rut” in my career and otherwise I knew I needed to take action.  Bernie came highly recommended so I took the leap and gave her a call.  I must say from the moment we completed the introductory meeting I knew I would not be disappointed!  Bernie really pushed me to take a hard look at my career and life “patterns” that led to the rut.   She made me laugh, cry, and most importantly see a way through to taking control of my path again.  I highly recommend Bernie to anyone who has the “courage” and willingness to make a change whether that be taking control of your career or finding your personal path.   You will not be disappointed!” -Nikel C., Grayslake, IL

“The conversation I just had with my manager was so engaging that I wanted to share with you.  Following each Fellows session I make sure to give my manager a few highlights.  One of the highlights from your session that I share was the idea of strategically planning our careers.  While I have a development plan that I create annually and update on a regular basis, I didn’t have an overall strategic plan.  My manager loved that concept of a strategic plan for my career and suggested I start to create my plan.  Creating the plan was much more difficult that I expected.  Today I presented my initial draft of the plan to my manager and we had a great conversation about it.  I’m delighted and thankful to have a manager that takes so much interest in my development.  Big thanks to you for helping me to think about my career in a new way!!!  I look forward to putting the action steps in my plan in motion.” -LaTonya W., St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative

“I realized to get the career and position I am striving for, it was critical for me to connect with others who were achieving great success in their life.  That was the beginning of my search to find a career coach.  I connected with Bernie through a mutual friend.  I felt an instant connection with Bernie when we had our first conversation.  Her passion and desire to help people find career fulfillment shines through in her voice and commitment to help you succeed.

When I started working with Bernie, I had clear goals that I wished to achieve.  Every session with Bernie was very fulfilling.  The assessments, writing assignments, and engaging conversations were all defining moments for me.

She helped me to get clear on the type of work that motivates and energizes me, engaged in meaningful conversations about leadership, and she provided great direction on strategic planning and encouraging me to stretch beyond my potential.  Bernie is a connection for life.” -Denise B., Wentzville, MO

“Having worked at the same company for over 15 years, I knew I needed help in redefining my career path after my position was eliminated in a re-org.  I describe Bernie Frazier to friends and family as my superhero and professional savior.  From our first meeting, she actively listened to assess me and thoughtfully tailored her coaching program to first break down the obstacles I had created for myself.  Through self-exploration exercises and meaningful review sessions, Bernie provided me with the tools I needed to overcome any fears and boost my confidence in preparation for my next job search.  I especially appreciated the many professional experiences and lessons Bernie shared with me throughout our engagement.  Her style of communication was most effective for me as she was observant, compassionate and encouraging while anchoring me to the purpose of coaching me to a redefined and re-energized future.  Thank you Bernie!” -Betsy L., St. Louis, MO

“It was a wonderful experience working with Bernie Frazier.  The assessments were really helpful and allowed me to see myself in a new light.  Working with Bernie has helped me to realize that I can choose the job I want and the company I want to work for.  She forces you to think outside the box.  As I continue my job search, I now realize that I can be selective.  If you are thinking about some career coaching Bernie would be great in helping you figure out what your next move should be.” D. Henley, St. Louis, MO

“Bernie Frazier of CAREERCompass gave an enlightening presentation to the Southwestern Illinois Employer’s Association on how to hire and retain today’s Millennial workforce.  Not using Bernie’s advice on how to create loyalty, give them what they want and need to survive and thrive would be a costly mistake to any business.  She can help you evaluate your business and tweak it so that Millennials will aspire to work for your company and help it succeed.  I would recommend her service and agency to any business, small or large. Monica Bristow, President, RiverBend Growth Association

“I am writing this letter to promote aware of Bernie’s public speaking talents and offer testament to her advice offered in her talks.  It was obvious that she took great steps to be prepared, to speak to her true audience, and to provide the audience next steps to take into the world.  In preparation of the talk she was very approachable, an inquisitive listener, and executed excellent delivery.

Bernie presented, “How to ‘Show Up'”, and she definitely “Showed Up”!  She provided colorful examples from her experience, from others’ stories, and even a secret visual example that was very impactful to her point in the talk.

I am thankful to Bernie for her time and efforts in speaking with our organization.  After the meeting, several colleagues commented on Bernie’s talk.  They explained that her poise and engagement was very compelling.  Our chapter board of directors voted and unanimously nominated Bernie as our chapter Speaker of the Year.  Our board wishes Bernie much deserved success and hopes to hear her speak again. Justyce Jedlicka, Chapter Chair, St. Louis Chapter Society of Cosmetic Chemists

“Bernie spoke to my graduate class and provided information that many had not previously considered.  As graduate students (some expecting to graduate soon), the concept of making a “shift” and being in control of your own career were major “ah-ha” moments.” Dr. Gloria L. Sellers, Ph.D., Instructor, Lindenwood University

“Bernie’s session on Strategic Thinking and Leadership was rooted in reality and truths.  She presents an actionable plan that allows you to figure out your “why!”  She engaged our group in setting clear deliberate goals to visualize, break down, and take transforming little steps to their destination!!  Her down to earth delivery allows her to relate to her audience as she shares her extensive experience while allowing an opening for powerful discussions.  This was our first year with Bernie but it will not be our last.” Rosalind Reese, Program Manager, St. Louis Regional Chamber-St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative

“As the guest speaker for YWCA Metro St. Louis’ annual ‘Leaders in the Workplace’ seminar, Bernie Frazier, of CAREERCompass, LLC provided Leaders and Human Resources professionals alike, the opportunity to glean essential, practical wisdom from her more than 20 years in the corporate workforce.

Bernie’s insightful presentation, “Let L.O.V.E. Grow Your Results,” propelled many current and emerging Leaders to action. (including me!)

Her conversational delivery of this strategic lesson helps to demonstrate how the tactics she promotes are necessary, yet attainable.

As I looked around the room, it was evident that other leaders were also motivated by this empowering lesson.

As C.E.O. of YWCA Metro St. Louis, I am privileged to have oversight of nearly 300 dedicated team members.  Since participating in this workshop with Bernie Frazier, I have determined that my words and actions as a leader will bring out the best in each and every employee.  Thank you, Bernie.” -Adrian Bracy, C.E.O., YWCA Metro St. Louis

“The Public Relations Society of America St. Louis Chapter contracted with Bernie Frazier to present the keynote address at our annual Career Development Day luncheon.  The audience was expected to be extremely broad ranging from college students through seasoned professionals, so making the presentation engaging and relevant for everyone was particularly challenging.  To add another twist to the challenge, on the day of the event, the majority of the audience turned out to be students and young professionals.

Bernie didn’t miss a beat.  She is a masterful storyteller that knows exactly how to weave in the appropriate amount of humor, lessons learned and practical advice to make the presentation relevant for her audience.  The comments we’ve received from the attendees have all been excellent.  I even received correspondence from one of the attendees using one of the tips Bernie recommended.” -Tina Carroll, VP, Professional Development and Networking, PRSA St. Louis

“Bernie radiates charisma as she speaks to her audience and enthusiastically imparts her wisdom gained from her own career experiences!  Her passion as a speaker and career coach is clearly reflected as she connects with her listeners during her outstanding presentation.  Not only does she provide relevant and critical career advice, she captivates her audience with stories and analogies to give her message the “personal” element.  If you are at a pivotal point in your career and need some direction and/or advice, Bernie is the speaker and career coach for you!” -Lisa M., St. Louis, MO

“Drawing upon her professional experience in HR, Bernie provides practical and insightful guidance for professionals in transition.  Through empathy, warmth, and appropriate light humor, Bernie engages with the audience in such a manner that the important information she shares is impactful.  Armed with new ideas and a fresh approach, one will leave inspired and ready to take action in navigating their career choices and search.” -Steve M., Beyond Networking

“I highly recommend Bernie for help in getting you ready for a job search.  She is professional, knowledgeable and customer focused.  In my situation, I wanted to prepare for a possible job change.  I had been at the same company for many years.  As you can imagine this was a new territory for me.  I had done countless interviews from the other side of the table but this was a whole different ballgame.  First, Bernie put me at ease and helped me build confidence, proving to me that I would be marketable and there would be life after this change.  She used her network to provide real market intel.  Bernie helped me to build my resume, set me up on LinkedIn and taught me the crucial steps to create a strong network.  Bernie was always positive, made it easy for us to find a mutual meeting place and created a great working relationship.  Bernie great at what she does and you should not hesitate to use her services!” -Tom C., St. Louis, MO

“Bernie came and spoke to my college in preparation for graduation and job hunting.  She began by talking about our weaknesses in to our strengths.  She went on to stress the importance of doing your homework before going for a job interview.  She was the most positive, upbeat speaker I have ever heard.  She has personally given me advice, which I used before every interview and it has recently paid off with landing the job I was hoping to get.  She also said to continue pushing yourself and reaching for what you really want out of your career.  Whether that means more education and training or networking with the people that can help you on your career journey.  My favorite saying from Bernie is when you meet someone ask how you can help them.  I would not hesitate to call on her again if I ever again need career advice.  She has a true gift.” -Paula V., Southern IL

“Let me just say that if you have the opportunity to work with Bernie, you will not be disappointed! The wealth of knowledge and expertise she brings is truly amazing. In preparation to make the next step in advancing my career, I worked with Bernie to assist with improving my resume and getting some much needed, “tell it like it is” advice on how to make my next move my best move.  She asks all the right questions and truly takes the time to listen to your concerns.  She is very personable and extremely passionate about what she does. I said this before and I’ll say it again, I wish I had connected with Bernie many years ago, but better late than never! She has given me the direction I need to continue the pursuit of my short and long term career goals.” -Ashley M., St. Louis, MO

“I had a long, rewarding career, continuously employed by one company.  I loved my job, admired my boss, and then sadly, like many people today; I was faced with the challenge of how to find a new job.

I found the right recruiters, but I could not master the interview in order to get the premier job.  I could not even fathom why interviewers were asking some of the questions they did. Interviewers enthusiastically endorsed my credentials, but I had lost my confidence.

Then I was given the contact that made all the difference — Bernie Frazier, President of Career Compass.

Bernie provided outstanding prep-work materials to study.  During the mock interviews she went through the process step-by-step.  She created likely questions I would be asked and offered valuable feedback and critique on my responses.

Bernie taught me how to pace the interview. She clarified the intent of the questions.  She explained how to recognize when to elaborate more, and when I was running on about a specific topic too long.   What my body language was nonverbally saying.

I now had the skills and the training to succeed.  I practiced everything Bernie taught me. When the interview took place I was comfortable, at ease, and smiled throughout.  I regained my confidence and composure and did exceedingly better in that next interview.

Bernie had the skills to impart to me and she recognized my need for direction.  Thank you, Bernie.” -JWR, St. Louis, MO

“My name is Samuel Gradford and I am the President of the National Black MBA Association – St. Louis Chapter….Bernie has been a keynote speaker twice for our organization.  Both times, she wowed our audiences with the quality of her content and her delivery.  The information she shared was incredibly relevant, and gave everyone something to think about regarding how we approach our careers and job search.  People commented about how great her presentation was long after the events were over.

Bernie has an uncanny way of blending humor and frankness into her talks that hit you right between the eyes, but does it in a way that motives and enlightens, and makes you laugh.  I think her extensive background in corporate leadership and recruiting allows her to give you a perspective that you probably haven’t heard before.  She told us she was going to give us a “behind the scenes” perspective and that’s just what she did.

Bernie has partnered with the National Black MBA Association as a speaker for the past two years and look forward to continuing this partnership.” -Samuel Gradford, President, National Black MBA Association, St. Louis Chapter

“Bernie is a very insightful career strategist.  She focuses on clearly defining goals and objectives, and then walks with you backwards to what you need to specifically do starting today to achieve your ambitions.  She has an engaging style and a great sense of humor, she is a pleasure to do work with!!  I would recommend Bernie to any professional considering a career change or how to curve shift up to the next level in an existing company or industry.” -George P., St. Louis, MO

“I had the opportunity to work with Bernie as I underwent the process of making a major career change.  As I sought to define and refine my next career move, Bernie helped me to assess my strengths and opportunities.  Together we designed a systematic, strategic plan that included exploring my previous career, better understanding my goals and priorities, and identifying my innate talents.  With her deep knowledge and hands-on experience, she guided me in the development of a resume that truly highlighted who I am and what talents I have to offer, as well as providing networking tools and skills that have helped make me marketable candidate.  Bernie is a gifted listener and motivator that, coupled with her compassionate coaching style, has empowered me and given me the confidence to move forward.  I am fortunate to call Bernie a trusted advisor and I highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for a competent and compassionate coach.” -Eddie M., St. Charles, MO

“I enlisted Bernie’s services, assisting me with updating my resume and cover letter, after attending a networking event where she was the featured guest speaker.  Bernie’s presentation was enlightening, drawing upon her corporate leadership and talent management expertise, and I was not disappointed working with her as a client.  Bernie provided comprehensive resume preparation, networking, and job search techniques and advice, offering the recruiter’s perspective which is invaluable.  Gaining this knowledge provided valued insight into how to immediately distinguish myself from other candidates and capitalize on the search process.  Interacting with Bernie is a pleasure.  She is passionate, enthusiastic and positive, which is highly motivating.  She altered an otherwise agonizing and arduous process into a straightforward activity.  Her services are exceptional and I am completely satisfied with the end products.” -Keith S., St. Louis, MO

“Working with Bernie was a tremendous experience.  Her knowledge in the areas of job search and career planning is boundless.  She will challenge you and make you think; while at the same time demonstrating genuine empathy and compassion for the individual.  Bernie is an extraordinary professional that I recommend without reservation.” -John M., St. Louis, MO

“I had known for some time that I needed help with managing my career, but I wish I had come to Bernie sooner.  It was a pleasure to work with Bernie, and I learned so many strategies that I was able to immediately implement as I interviewed.  Bernie set clear expectations from the beginning, yet also asked what I needed from her.  I would describe Bernie as focused, flexible, organized, strong follow through, willing to hold her clients accountable, great listener and has the ability to see through the murkiness of life to get to the heart of the matter at hand.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking of utilizing a career coach to try Bernie Frazier.  You will not regret it!” -Arnita J., Atlanta, GA

“Working with Bernie was an awesome experience.  She has ways to make you think deeply about what you really want to do with your life and then helps you identify steps needed to reach your career goals.

She has given me all of the tools I need to refine my career path, improve my networking abilities, and conduct a more effective job search.  These are valuable tools that I will use for the rest of my career.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring Bernie as your career coach.” –Melanie W., St. Louis, MO

“Working with Bernie is a journey that is professionally and personally fulfilling. She takes the time to listen, understand, advise, coach, and all with care, compassion, a genuine desire to help, and a significant base of knowledge and experience. Bernie is a vital resource and a key to anyone seeking a mentor to help them through any and all aspects of a career.” -Raphael M., Chicago, IL 

“What an amazing experience! Bernie is a wealth of knowledge and has just the right balance in her personality to keep me motivated. Even as a client in another state who worked the program via phone, I was able to connect with her and I KNEW that she had my best interest at heart and was doing everything she could to get me the information I needed to maximize my job search. Her material is current, cutting edge as well as tried and true. She was a tough coach, a faithful mentor and a qualified professional all rolled into one wonderful package. I would encourage anyone who finds themselves in a season of job transition to connect with Bernie.” -Christina C., Raleigh, NC

“I would like to publicly thank Bernie for all her efforts on my behalf.  Bernie consistently displayed a high level of professionalism and knowledge throughout my employment search.  She wanted me to be successful in my search and always made time for me.  I am sure I would not have been employed in my current position without Bernie’s help and guidance.  Great job Bernie!!!!!!” -Tim S., Illinois

“Bernie, you did a superb job of helping me identify my strongest talents and reposition … This empowered me to focus my career search in a way that would fulfill me professionally. … “The results of my work with you have been tremendous.” … ” Your work/life balance coaching has helped increase my confidence and the ability to make me able to help others also. More importantly, Bernie helped me see all the options that were open to me and assisted me in planning a course of action. I would highly recommend your services.” -Tracye D., St. Louis, MO

“I would highly recommend Bernie Frazier to anyone looking to further develop his or her career, or change it altogether. I first heard her speak at a seminar last Fall, and from that talk I knew that I wanted more insights from her.

While I initially hired her to help me organize my job search, my plans changed when a business I had started began to take flight and all of my focus went to nurturing its development. No matter, Bernie proved to be a talented business advisor in addition to being an expert career advisor. She helped me refine my marketing message and develop a more comprehensive marketing strategy.

Drawing upon her experience as a business leader in varied industries, she was able to provide real world examples to support her informed ideas and strategies. I will continue to rely on Bernie’s valued counsel as I move my professional life forward.”-David K., St. Louis, MO

“I sought the services of Bernie Frazier nearly a year ago. At that time, I was seeking Professional Coaching for a career change. At least, so I thought. With Bernie’s guidance, however, I was able to discover my true passion and gain the courage I needed to make the biggest career change of my life. For twenty-one years I had been employed as an advertising executive with a local Broadcasting Company. With the downturn of the economy I watched my six-figure income be reduced to nearly half of that amount. To help supplement my income I started a home-based business. Though I loved my business, I could not see myself transitioning into it fulltime. I often asked questions like, “how can I build my home-based business to match or exceed my current income while working 10 and 12 hours a day as an advertising executive?” I simply could not wrap my brain around how I could make this happen. However, through a series of exercises initiated by Bernie, and her professional guidance, I was able to leave my career of 21 years and transition into my home-based business, fulltime. Bernie helped me find balance in my personal and professional life. Through her professional coaching I learned effective communication, persistence and timely follow through, while reducing stress, anxiety and frustration. With Bernie’s help I found joy in my journey, which for me was simply priceless.” -Carol M., St. Louis, MO

“Bernie Frazier gave a presentation on Job Search Tips to 2nd year students at a community college in the Health Information Technology Program. Bernie did a great job presenting the material to the students. The students will be graduating May 2014, so Bernie’s presentation aided them in preparing resumes and for interviews.

Since Bernie’s presentation, many of the students continue to discuss the impact her presentation has on their career preparation. One of our students has recently been offered a job, and we can credit Bernie for aiding in this accomplishment by helping our students “think more like a recruiter.”

This was the 1st year inviting Bernie to speak to our students, and hope it won’t be the last.” -Stacey H., Southwestern Illinois College, Belleville, IL

“During a time of career transition, Bernie was instrumental in helping me to focus my diverse background and skill set on a field that was best suited for me. She provides a wealth of knowledge for resume techniques, networking and employment options beyond the mainstream. It was a pleasure working with Bernie as she kept me on task and accountable for planning my career goals and taking action to achieve them.” -Pam H., St. Louis, MO

“Bernie is personable, professional and has the ability to give feedback without it being painful to hear. Bernie is generous with her time and has many years of experience to share with clients. I enjoyed working with Bernie and having the benefit of her expertise.” -Charmaine S., St. Louis, MO

“As a speaker and motivator for those in career transition, Bernie is one of the best. In my role as part of the Go! Network leadership team, I had the pleasure of working with Bernie, and seeing first hand what a positive impact she can have in the lives of those who are finding themselves unemployed for probably the first time in their careers. That transition is a scary place for most of us – Bernie’s knowledge, experience and style not only gives people some practical steps toward positive change, but she provides insights from the perspective of a recruiter that are priceless for those of us trying to navigate these waters. She “tells it like it is”…and receives rave reviews from the audience every time! Thanks for blessing us with your wisdom Bernie!” -Pam P., St. Louis, MO

“Bernie is a great career coach. She helped me to build my resume word by word, and a headhunter said my resume is the best one she has ever seen. She helped me to set up career goals, build my own brand and showed me how to use LinkedIn to explore job opportunities. She is always ready to help. She always picked up the calls to answer my questions and responded to my emails quickly. With her help, I successfully found a new job. I highly recommend her coaching service to everyone.” -Cathy C., St. Louis, MO

“I attended a seminar that was conducted by Bernie Frazier in early 2011. Bernie was extremely knowledgeable of the job search and interview process. I found the information she shared to be highly beneficial especially in this age of viral communication. Bernie stressed the importance of working your network, using social media tools and not relying on traditional methods to conduct a job search. I would impress upon anyone to use Bernie’s services if they are in, or looking to make a career transition.” -Mil G., St. Louis, MO