Have you been contemplating your next move within your current organization, but don’t have a strategy to get you there? Whether you are a new or seasoned professional, this can be overwhelming without the right tools and strategy. The good news is there’s hope! This program will teach you how to find your next, great career opportunity by navigating your company so you can bloom right where you’re already planted.

Bi-weekly and Monthly 1:1 Coaching
Identify gaps and establish goals and key strategies.
Formulate ideas for implementation.
Discuss and monitor execution of strategies for goal attainment.



Looking for a job is a job, and it’s not an exact science which can make it a daunting endeavor. But, with my help, I can customize a program for you to help you understand best practices and help you prepare to hear the words, “You’re Hired!”

Comprehensive Resume Review
Based on an actual job for which you’re interested and/or will pursue.

Networking for Exposure and Impact
Includes 20-page best practices guide

Linking in with LinkedIn
Maximizing your LinkedIn profile
Effective insights for using LinkedIn for your job search

Crafting a Powerful Elevator Pitch
Creating a pitch that gets you noticed and gets results

Interviewing to Get the Offer
Includes 25+ page best practices guide, including powerful interview questions YOU should ask!
Includes complete mock interview with real-time feedback

Negotiating to Get Paid What You’re Worth
Includes 9-page best practices guide
Includes 1-2 mock negotiations with real-time feedback to help you earn thousands more!


If you want true satisfaction, finding and pursuing your purpose is how you get it. Through my Mapping to the Future™ program, I’ll help you discover you, what you want, and how to get it.

Weekly and bi-weekly coaching to help you review your past, examine your present, and map out your future based on your interests, strengths, skills and abilities, and trends and patterns in your life, career, business, and relationships.

Includes assessment and in-depth discussions to help identify and crystalize your path forward. Also, includes creating a roadmap to help you execute efficiently and effectively.

Don’t see what you need? Schedule a 30-minute consultation with me so we can discuss your needs and identify a plan that’s just right for you.