My Clients Speak

I HAVE THE GREATEST SPEAKING AND COACHING CLIENTS IN THE WORLD!  Even though my speaking and career coaching enterprise is based in St. Louis, I have been privileged to speak before and serve people across the country and around the globe.  Take a look at a few of the testimonials I have been blessed enough to receive:

  • "She helped me to get clear on the type of work that motivates and energizes me, engaged in meaningful conversations about leadership, and she provided great direction on strategic planning and encouraging me to stretch beyond my potential.  Bernie is a connection for life.”

    Denise B., Wentzville, MO

  • As C.E.O. of YWCA Metro St. Louis, I am privileged to have oversight of nearly 300 dedicated team members.  Since participating in this workshop with Bernie Frazier, I have determined that my words and actions as a leader will bring out the best in each and every employee.  Thank you, Bernie.”

    Adrian Bracy, C.E.O., YWCA Metro St. Louis

  • “Bernie was a true professional and highly effective career coach. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to advance their career. She shared insights and stories from decades of experience for whatever obstacle or challenge I was facing, and gave real-world advice and solutions. She had excellent follow-up and helped with all aspects I requested – resume building, LinkedIn, negotiations, and mock interviews.”

    Elizabeth J., New York

  • "Bernie didn’t miss a beat.  She is a masterful storyteller that knows exactly how to weave in the appropriate amount of humor, lessons learned and practical advice to make the presentation relevant for her audience.  The comments we’ve received from the attendees have all been excellent.  I even received correspondence from one of the attendees using one of the tips Bernie recommended.”

    Tina Carroll, VP, Professional Development and Networking, PRSA St. Louis

The decision to leverage Bernie’s coaching service was one of the best investments that I made in 2021. Her commitment and ability to meet you where you are in order to help move you forward is nothing short of a super power! The advice and material used during my coaching sessions was pivotal in applying what I learned. She helped me to get focused and remain accountable to a plan…my plan. 

She took the time to identify my strengths and help me to leverage them further. It was never about what I should have done or a measurement of where I should be; it was always about a path to identifying what I want. With her guidance I got out of my comfort zone and put some “feelers” out in the space of opportunity.  It was unexpected but I immediately received three amazing opportunities from three excellent companies. I examined each based on what I had gained from our sessions and made the best choice for me according to my plan and not emotions. I then negotiated for an even better offer from the company that I selected. Thank you Bernie for helping me get to my next level; for this I am forever grateful.

K. Johnson

SLBDI Graduate (St. Louis, MO)

“I had never engaged a career coach prior to working with Bernie, however after years of feeling “stuck in a rut” in my career and otherwise I knew I needed to take action.  Bernie came highly recommended so I took the leap and gave her a call.  I must say from the moment we completed the introductory meeting I knew I would not be disappointed!  Bernie really pushed me to take a hard look at my career and life “patterns” that led to the rut.   She made me laugh, cry, and most importantly see a way through to taking control of my path again.  I highly recommend Bernie to anyone who has the “courage” and willingness to make a change whether that be taking control of your career or finding your personal path.   You will not be disappointed!”

Nikel C.

Grayslake, IL

“What can I say about Bernie? Simply marvelous! When I started working with her, I was so knackered (tired) with my career. No matter what I tried, my circumstances were not changing. After working with Bernie, all I can say is I feel like a new woman. She is refreshingly insightful, tastefully humorous, and makes you believe you can accomplish anything. Through her superb guidance, I have been able to transform my career and am completely chuffed (pleased) with how things have progressed. Bernie, thank you, thank you, thank for you all of your help. I shudder to think about where I would be without it!”

Felicity W.

Salisbury, England

“Bernie Frazier is more than a career coach; she is a life-changing Sherpa who guided me to a brand-new way of viewing and expressing myself professionally. When I started my journey with Bernie, I was merely looking for tips on presenting myself to potential employers. Coach Bernie had other plans. She challenged me to find my motivations and honor my personal values. She cheered me when I was able to declare the reasons why “I am worthy.”  She pushed me to stay the course when tempted with job opportunities that didn’t align with my path.

Although our sessions have come to an end, I am so glad to have lots of “Bernie” around to keep me focused. I can refer to her great book, “Your Success is in YOU!” I can re-examine our meeting notes for continued guidance. In summary, I can look at my professional path and see Bernie’s fingerprints all over my present and my future. I am grateful.”

Kimberly H.

St. Louis, MO

“If you want anything done right, do it yourself”.  As a single, empowered, and independent woman, that was the mantra I was living by as it relates to my career planning.  I read books on the topic, met with “mentors” and attended seminars.  The problem was that all the information I was collecting was practical in theory as one size fits all, but oftentimes difficult to apply.  Then I met Bernie at what I thought would be just another career planning session.  Well, it wasn’t.  She was authentic, engaging and confident.  It was also highly apparent that she was not only an expert, but truly cared about helping others.  These attributes were instrumental to my signing up for her sessions (one of the best decisions I’ve made).  Bernie forced me to not only be introspective–think about what I’ve been evading and avoiding but also act- create a customized action plan and execute it.

As a result, I’ve gained more confidence to act tactfully bold in executing my plan at work.  My colleagues and leaders in the organization have complimented me on my approach.  Had I tried to do this on my own, it would not been a positive outcome using my old tools.

Now I live by my new mantra, “If you want anything done right, get help from an expert”.

Gwen B.

St. Louis, MO

“I had known for some time that I needed help with managing my career, but I wish I had come to Bernie sooner.  It was a pleasure to work with Bernie, and I learned so many strategies that I was able to immediately implement as I interviewed.  Bernie set clear expectations from the beginning, yet also asked what I needed from her.  I would describe Bernie as focused, flexible, organized, strong follow through, willing to hold her clients accountable, great listener and has the ability to see through the murkiness of life to get to the heart of the matter at hand.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking of utilizing a career coach to try Bernie Frazier.  You will not regret it!”

A. Jones

Atlanta, GA

“We originally were referred to Bernie by an employee resource group member who had the chance to hear her speak at an event. After our introductory call with Bernie, my director and I were interested in learning more – after our first in-person meeting, we could not wait to get Bernie in front of our co-workers.

Bernie first brought her “Your Success is in YOU!” workshop to a group of nearly 60 employee resource group members who were interested in learning how they could take a more active role in their career path development. Bernie’s presentation was right on the mark! One co-worker commented – “Bernie’s overall presentation was excellent. She was engaging and challenging. I walked away knowing that I am the greatest catalyst to my own success. I just need to determine what I want!”

In fact, Bernie’s presentation was so well-received that we brought her back for another round of her “Your Success is in YOU!” workshop less than two months later. Bernie’s energy, openness, and humor shine through not only in her presentations, but in personal interactions as well. It has been a pleasure working with Bernie and bringing her dynamic workshop to over 100 of our co-workers. Bernie came to us highly recommended and we are happy to second that recommendation.”

Evan Fowler

Diversity and Inclusion Specialist, Ameren Corporation

“Recently, I had the privilege of working with Bernie Frazier as the keynote speaker for our first virtual conference. Bernie’s presentation was INCREDIBLE and set the tone for our entire conference. Not only was her content informative but it was actionable.

Bernie’s presentation style is engaging and she has a way of ensuring relevance with the audience. What makes working with Bernie great is that she is a professional in all phases. The initial introduction set the relationship off in the right direction, her follow-up on all of our asks was timely, and she is just a wonderful person to work with. I highly recommend working with Bernie if you are looking for someone to set a positive and vibrant tone for your event.”

James Kaikis

Founder, PreSales Collective and PreSales Collective Executive Summit

“On behalf of Drake University’s Professional & Career Development Services, THANK YOU! More than 260 students, faculty, and staff benefitted greatly from your expertise and insight. As I stated last year, you are a student favorite. That was true this year as well. Only the keynote address was more highly attended. Thank you again. I look forward to our continued collaboration.”

Chrystal Stanley, PhD

Director of Professional & Career Development, Drake University

“Where do I begin talking about Bernie?! 

I own the Iowa Employment Conference and the Missouri Employment Conference. I asked Bernie to speak at Iowa.  It went so well we asked her speak at the Missouri conference as well and she did not disappoint.

Bernie is a wonderful, outgoing person and naturally her session was very well attended.  We ask our attendees to fill out a survey monkey after the conference and it proved what we already knew, she was great!

Her session topic was called “Your Success Is In You” which is also the book she’s written.  Her session was very motivational and the attendees were left wanting more! What a great way to keep the energy up in a long day of back-to-back sessions.

Any organization would be lucky to have her speak and learn from her.  I highly recommend Bernie to speak at your next meeting.” 

Nan Boland

Des Moines, IA, President of Iowa and Missouri Employment Conferences

“As the guest speaker for YWCA Metro St. Louis’ annual ‘Leaders in the Workplace’ seminar, Bernie Frazier, of CAREERCompass, LLC provided Leaders and Human Resources professionals alike, the opportunity to glean essential, practical wisdom from her more than 20 years in the corporate workforce.

Bernie’s insightful presentation, “Let L.O.V.E. Grow Your Results,” propelled many current and emerging Leaders to action. (including me!) 

Her conversational delivery of this strategic lesson helps to demonstrate how the tactics she promotes are necessary, yet attainable.

As I looked around the room, it was evident that other leaders were also motivated by this empowering lesson. 

As C.E.O. of YWCA Metro St. Louis, I am privileged to have oversight of nearly 300 dedicated team members.  Since participating in this workshop with Bernie Frazier, I have determined that my words and actions as a leader will bring out the best in each and every employee.  Thank you, Bernie.”

Adrian Bracy

C.E.O, YWCA Metro St. Louis

“Bernie Frazier is an insightful, motivational and entertaining speaker with thought-provoking ideas! Bernie’s energy and enthusiasm during her virtual presentation kept the members of our group engaged and looking for more. It was impressive! Our International Spouses Group has +500 members and I had so many members say they were up late that night writing down thoughts about how they could implement Bernie’s ideas on how to find purpose in their life! She made a huge impact on this group and I am forever grateful for that! Also, her book “Your Success is in You” is a very inspirational and motivating book which everyone must have it for consultation if you want to keep growing in your career.  Bernie is not just a speaker; she’s an experience.” I highly recommend considering her to speak at your event.”

Susan Gobbo

Founder, International Spouses Group, St. Louis, MO