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5 Simple Ways to Create Harmony in a Stressful Work Environment

“Back to work!” Two weeks ago, millions of people said these words as they referenced the reality that awaited them once they pulled the covers back and their feet hit the floor. Now that the various holidays celebrated this time of the year are over, it’s time to look to the future—creating and executing against [...]

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Don’t Ghost Your Job Search

A few weeks ago LinkedIn released an article about how the job market is now so good for so many that many candidates are operating like ghosts in their job search.  Being a ghost is when a person abruptly goes silent or disappears without explanation.  In today's labor market, unfortunately this practice has increased in popularity with candidates at all levels. [...]

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I Hate My Job but the Money is Good!

If you’re reading this post, you’re either in this place now, “been there and done that,” or just curious to see what I have to say about it.  Ok, here goes. According to some of the latest research done by Gallup (Gallup's World Poll), 85 percent of the world’s population is not happy at work.  [...]

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A Rich Career is About Options, Not Money

We live in a very consumer-driven society.  How many television shows, movies and songs have we heard over the years glorifying making and spending money?  Make as much as you can,” “spend as much as you can,” “get as much as you can”……  The messages are all the same. Now don’t get me wrong.  I [...]

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3 Signs that Your Resume Needs Help

In my lifetime, I’ve seen THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of resumes.  Some have made me drool while others have made me laugh (seriously, laugh!).  Okay, I admit I’ve felt guilty when laughing because I could also empathize with the person who was doing their best to present an impressive visual of their background, experiences and accomplishments.  [...]

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Why Men Make More – Another Side

Almost every year we hear a report about the wage gap between men and women.  And, every year it says the same thing – men make more than women.  As late as last year, the reports were all saying that women, on average, make 79.6% of the wage that men make.  If you lump all [...]

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What. Do. You. Want?

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed something about myself.  I’ve noticed that with almost everyone I encounter, every client I’ve worked with and every talk I’ve given, I’ve asked one short and sweet question – What do you want?   What’s been amazing is no matter who I’ve asked (C-Suite to entry-level), in over [...]

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Tiptoe Through the Wilderness

Happy New Year! Okay, so we’re a couple of weeks in and I’m just now saying this to you but, hey, it’s still January right? It’s that time of the year when people feel like starting over, creating a new beginning and try those new year’s resolutions out once again.  Or, if you’re like me, [...]

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Lessons for You from Your Current Job

Tomorrow morning millions of people will wake up with a headache or knot in their stomach because they have to face “that employer,” “those people” or “that job” again.  Each day brings the same thing.  They want to escape the drudgery but can’t seem to get to the change they really want – (perceived or [...]

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3 Interview Mistakes Recruiters Hate

One of the biggest challenges for candidates is that the job search process is not an exact science.  As soon I give you the __ steps to finding the job of your dream, you’ll find a job in fewer or more steps – that’s just how it is.  No one has absolute control over when [...]

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